Replacement Patio Doors

Originally, this was a sliding door. It had uPVC coated metal frames which were liable to condensation. We replaced the sliding door with a three-pane construction consisting of double doors and a long side pane with a fanlight at the top.


Black square gutters on light oak fascia and soffit

Light oak soffits and black sqaure guttering fitted by Jones uPVC

On this project we replaced the gutters, fascia and soffits. The style of the house dictated that we should use a wood-effect fascia and soffit. This was complimented by the black square guttering to give a stylish finish.  


Rotten roof felt replaced

You can get nasty problems if the edge felt near the guttering is exposed to the weather. The felt rots away leaving holes where birds and water can get into the roof space. In this case there were birds nests in the loft and dead birds which caused maggots to…


Dry verges replaced

Damaged dry verge showing rotten wood before replacement by Jones uPVC

The dry verges on this house, the place where the roof meets the wall at a gable end, were in a bad state. The mortar was cracked and missing in some places and some of the wooden soffit boards were rotten. This meant that it was possible for damp to get…


Period door replacement

New front door styled to fit the house architecture by Jones uPVC

It was important in this installation that the replacement front door fitted the period styling of the house. The result is a new black-finish front door with coloured leaded glass. We like it!


Kitchen windows and doors replaced

Kitchen window after replacement by Jones uPVC

This house is a typical 1960’s design with a door and windows either side in the kitched-diner. Jones uPVC replaced these with an integrated unit. The finish in this case was mahogany effect.


Replacement front door

Replacement wood-effect front door from Jones uPVC

The wood-effect finish on this uPVC front door looks very convincing. The door is nicely finished with a stained glass window and side panel.