Get a quote to replace your misted double-glazed units

What we need to know

Measure just the height and width of the glass in the frame and not the frame itself - Jones uPVC

Measure just the height and width of the glass.  Do not include the frame.

Please fill in the form below to get a quote for the replacement of your misted units.  The information you need to provide is:

  • The dimensions of the glass in the frame.
  • Type of glass required clear or opaque, whether you want it upgraded, etc.
  • Any other information that might be useful, e.g. location (bathroom, hall, kitchen, etc.), multiple quantities of the same size

We can provide clear or opaque glass. If you know the glass needs to be toughened, then let us know. If you are not sure, then we can check when we visit you.

As well as replacing the unit with the same type of glass, we can upgrade it to low-E energy efficient or Activ Blue self cleaning glass.

You also need to provide your name and contact details, so that we can get back to you.

If you would rather that we came and did the measuring then please say so on the form or use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

Measuring the glass

The height and width of the glass within the frame should be measured in mm. Make sure it is just the glass you measure and NOT the frame. This is illustrated in the diagram.

    Our response to you

    We aim to respond to your request for a quote within 24 hours, but at certain times, it may take a little longer than that.

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