Full Window and Door Repair Service

Door and window furniture from Jones UPVCSometimes, there are just small niggles with your current windows and doors – not enough to warrant replacement but annoying nonetheless. With our full window and door repair service, you can give your windows and doors another lease of life. It is far more cost-effective that replacing the whole unit.

Our full window and door repair service includes:-

Replacement Window Friction Stays (hinges)

Scissor type hinges can become worn or broken down and will not allow the window to pull tight to the frame.  The window will leak or become draughty.  The friction hinge is easily replaced or be upgraded to push button fire escape stays.

New Handles

There are three main types of window handles espag, cockspur and tilt and turn.  At some point these will break down through natural wear and tear.

Upgraded Security Locks

For extra security on your double glazing we have a range of restrictors and locks available for uPVC windows and doors.


When the spring breaks on your letterboxes the heat loss is astonishing, not to mention every time the wind blows the irritating sound of the rattle!

Drop Door Correction (realignment)

A very common problem with the uPVC door is not closing or locking properly.  It may even possibly rub on the bottom or the side of the frame.  It can be easily rectified by re-packing the door panel/glass back into alignment to prevent any damage to lock or frame.

Shrunken/Perished Rubbers replaced

Over time these can shrink and perish but are easily refitted.

Resealing uPVC Window with mastic

A very common problem easily rectified with reapplying new mastic.

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