Misted Windows

What causes misted windows when they are double glazed?

Jones UPVC can clear misted double glazing panesIn the trade, we say that the double-glazed sealed unit has ‘broken down’. This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost its integrity and it is letting moisture in from somewhere. The build up of moisture is hard to spot at first, sometimes only becoming visible as the sun or another heat source warms the air between the panes. The warm air rises and moisture condenses on the colder glass, resulting in steamed up, cloudy or blurred units.

What can be done about it?

You don’t need to replace the whole window, just the double-glazed sealed unit that has misted. There is no alteration or disruption to the window or door frame in the process, so no need to redecorate.

Why not upgrade your GLASS to low- E energy efficient or Activ Blue self cleaning glass?

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All you need to do is measure height and width of the glass area only (not the window frame) of the misted pane and tell us what type of glass it is. The diagram shows how to take the measurements.

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